Home oxygen fire safety resources: United States

Welcome to our US download section.

Here you will find a set of materials to support you in informing colleagues about the issue of home oxygen fires and the range of solutions available to support patient safety.

  1. White Paper (2021): Firebreaks: a risk-based approach to safer home oxygen delivery

This study examined media reports of fires involving home oxygen between August 2019 and July 2021.

  1. Infographic: Home oxygen fires in the United States: 2017-2021

A handy visual representation of the latest data on the prevalence of home oxygen fires and the effectiveness of thermal fuses.

  1. Guide to installing thermal fuses (firebreaks)

A short practical guide and diagram on where to position thermal fuses. This also includes contact details of distributors in the US and BPR representatives.

  1. VA Patient Safety Alert

In 2018, the Veterans Health Administration issued a Patient Safety Alert mandating the use of thermal fuses for all its home oxygen patients.

  1. IAFC position statement

A position statement by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) on home oxygen fire safety.

  1. ABA position statement

A position statement by the American Burns Association (ABA) on home oxygen burn prevention and the use of bidirectional thermal fuses in oxygen tubing.

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